Project Application Procedures

Please Note : Some communities within Fair Oaks Ranch do not submit project applications through the FORHA office.
 A list of these communities and their contact information can be found here.

Applications can be submitted in person at the FORHA office, by email, or by fax (210) 698-5421.  The project application eForm may also be used.

 Project Application Forms

 Project Application eForm

Approvals must be obtained from your Unit Restrictions Committee/Architectural Control Committee prior to issuance of a building permit by the City of Fair Oaks Ranch.
Approvals are required for building a new home and/or any construction project (pool, fence, storage building, deck, etc.)
The FORHA office has copies of each unit’s restrictions. Unit committees have thirty (30) days to review the request. After the committee reviews the project, they will complete and sign an approval/disapproval form.
The original is filed in the FORHA office, a copy forwarded to the City for issuance of building permit, and a copy is mailed to the homeowner/builder if requested.

Submit 2 copies of the following information:
1. Completed ARC application form describing the proposed project
2. A site diagram showing proposed construction in relationship to property setbacks and easements
3. A detailed description of construction materials and a sketch, manufacturer’s brochure or photo to show proposed project for pools, fences, storage buildings, decks, etc.

For new home construction include:
4. (1) Set of plans for new home construction
5. Separate site diagram no larger than 11x17
6. Completed ARC Questionnaire for new home construction
7. $75 Architectural Fee (required for new home applications only).

Upon approval, the approval form must be submitted to the City of Fair Oaks Ranch for their consideration of a building permit.
A building permit must ordinarily be issued per City ordinance before any work may lawfully begin. Please note that contractors and sub-contractors must be registered with the City of Fair Oaks Ranch before a permit is issued.
Applications for building permits are available at the city offices. Depending on the permit required, it will take a minimum of 24 hours to prepare. The cost of the permit is based on total construction costs.
Required documentation for each job may differ. For questions concerning city building permits, call (210) 698-0900.


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