Dues & Payments                
What are the annual dues for FORHA?
$47.50 a year for undeveloped lots, $75.00 a year for homes.

What are my annual membership dues used for?
  • Maintenance on two parks, Norman F. Vestal and Boots Gaubatz, Cibolo Creek Nature Area, and horse/walking trails.
  • FORHA Telephone Directory (Update your information here)
  • Complimentary Notary services provided at the FORHA office
  • Liaison between homeowners, city offices, builders, and the architectural review committees.
  • Community Events, such as the Flu Shot Clinic and Adopt-A-Highway
  • Document procurement for real estate agents, title companies, and homeowners.
  • More information on membership benefits here.
How can I pay my assessments?
Dues can be mailed or dropped off at the FORHA office. FORHA currently accepts cash or check payments only.  Please make all checks payable to FORHA.

When are my assessments due?
FORHA assessments are billed on January 1st, and are due January 21st.  It is important to have your payment in by the 21st, as we close our books around this time, and will not be able to process your payment until the next month.
Payments for Unit HOAs (who are serviced by FORHA) will also be due on the 21st of their billing months.                               

Projects, Permits, and Restrictions  

How do I obtain a building permit?
Building permits are issued through the city. In most cases, approval from your restriction committee is required first. Information on how to apply for project approval can be found here. Please note that some communities
within Fair Oaks require different applications, and these applications do not come through the FORHA office. A list of these communities can be found here.

How do I know if I need to submit a project application?
If the project is on or will effect the exterior of your home, it is always safest to submit an application.  If you are still unsure, you may contact us and we will find out for you.
In many cases where an application is not required, it is still beneficial to let us know so that your restriction committee is aware.

How can I get a copy of my restrictions?
Restrictions are available online here. If you are unsure which unit you belong to, you can find out here. Restrictions are also available at the FORHA office upon request.

Board of Directors & Meetings

When are board meetings held?
The first Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the FORHA office.


I lost my copy of the directory. How do I get a new one?

Additional copies may be purchased at the FORHA office for $5.00.

Who should I contact regarding trash services, bulk/brush pick ups, and utilities?
Please contact the city of Fair Oaks Ranch at (210) 698-0900. Contact information for various services and utilities can be found here.

Are residents allowed to feed the deer?
Please see the city's information regarding this question here.

How do I register or change contact information for emergency notices?
The city uses CodeRED for emergency notices. There is a registration link on the City of Fair Oaks Ranch main page, and you may change your contact information by calling CodeRED at (800) 566-9780.


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