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FORHA's Random Acts of Kindness

Received from Greg & Rose Jaeger:

We got a call from Eric at the Fair Oaks Ranch City Water Department about my order to disconnect service from the home Rose and I owned on High Cliff Drive that we recently sold.  He was calling because he didn't have the "turn on" order from the new home buyer.  He wanted the name of our listing agent so he could try to get the information on the buyers and get their connection order for water/sewer use.  This was not a requirement of his job and he was doing it to save them the time, headache and an additional connection fee.  For all the negativity out there that gets spewed, I would bet that only the City of Fair Oaks Ranch has a water department employee that cares enough about this little detail to take this extra step on behalf of the customer and save them a few bucks in the process!!  Well done Eric!  And well done City of Fair Oaks Ranch - that is why we moved here and when we moved again we stayed within the City!

We also had our neighbors on Woodland View, the Smiths, come over to say hello to us when we moved in.  Their daughter, Kennedy, kindly made cookies for Rose and I.  MOST APPRECIATED!!!


FORHA appreciates Greg and Rose Jaeger's letter and greatly appreciates the staff at the City of Fair Oaks Ranch and the other wonderful members of FORHA that make this a great place to live.                                                                                     


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