2020 Fair Oaks Ranch Homeowners' Association Annual Meeting of the Members

The 2020 Annual Meeting has been scheduled and will be held on Thursday, November 19, 2020  at 7:00 p.m.   Due to the continued need to maintain social distancing and for the protection of our members, FORHA will be conducting this meeting virtually via Zoom.  Three persons will be elected to serve as directors for a three-year term which will begin on January 1, 2021.  The  2020 Annual Meeting Notice will be sent to the members prior to the meeting and the information needed to join the meeting virtually can be found on the Agenda (click here for information).

If you scroll down,  you will find a bio for each of the five candidates running for the Board.  The candidates are as follows:        

Beki Hutchison                 Colby Sample         

David Fairhurst                James Branaum

Teal Harris

The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Members Notice will be mailed to all property owners by October 30, 2020.  If you do not get your notice and you would like to obtain a ballot, you can do so  by visiting the FORHA Office at 7286 Dietz Elkhorn, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX,  requesting it via email to HOA@forha.org, or downloading it from this website.  You will also have the opportunity to vote at the time that the 2020 Annual Meeting is held.  Invitations to vote electronically will be sent out to all property owners with an email address on file with FORHA.  If you do not get an invitation, you can still vote electronically by clicking on the red "Vote Here" button on the front page of the website.  An access key is required to vote electronically.  You can find your access key printed on your Annual Meeting Notice near your name and address or you may obtain it by calling or emailing Judy at the FORHA Office (judy@forha.org or 210-698-2225) Please note that for security purposes, only one electronic ballot may be submitted per property.

Should you wish to change your ballot, you may do so at any time by submitting a new ballot on a paper form.  If you have any additional questions or concerns about voting, please feel free to contact the FORHA Office and speak with Judy.

If you did not receive your ballot, or misplaced it, please click below for a printable Absentee Ballot

For a printable 2020 Absentee Ballot click here


If you need a proxy for the meeting, please click the picture below for a printable proxy.

2021 FORHA Board of Directors Candidates

Beki Hutchison

My name is Beki Hutchison.  I have been on the FORHA board since 2018, serving as Vice President for the last two years.  I am humbled by the responsibility to represent the Fair Oaks community, and would be honored to serve you through 2023.

Despite my background in human resources, leadership, and communication, I have been incredibly challenged by my current term.  I had not anticipated the conflict our community would experience over the last three years and am seeking another term to actively pursue peace.

Some may say I already had my shot, that I have had enough time to make a positive impact.  Maybe that is true to some extent.  But I have witnessed that there is far greater complexity to governing a homeowners’ association in a rapidly expanding city than I ever anticipated.  It takes some time to get up to speed on all the stakeholders, the issues, the stories, and history and, ultimately, the politics of things.  I am not saying that I have all the answers or can solve all the issues, but I am saying that I have the experience to be part of a better future.  There is divisiveness amongst us that is completely non-productive, even toxic, that needs to be addressed and resolved.

I wholeheartedly believe in our mission to be good stewards of our common properties and funds; to preserve our investments by promoting deed restriction compliance; and provide appropriate forums for communication.  I have consistently voted to be conservative with spending.  I have asked the hard questions about expenses and assessment increases.  I have led compensation benchmarking and other personnel decisions to ensure we can compete for high quality talent.  I have provided objective board oversight for two ballots.  I have welcomed Santa and hugged the Peace Tree.  And I support parks and trails maintenance and safety.  If elected, I will actively pursue diverse perspectives on the issues and continue to vote consistently with our charter.

I believe in the people of Fair Oaks.  Hoping you will affirm your support for my leadership in November.

Colby Sample

I remember visiting my wife’s grandparents in Fair Oaks when we first started dating and I use to think “how could someone live this far from town.” A couple of years after that, two apartment complexes were built down the block from where we lived. I was ready to join the people who lived out away from it all. We started looking in 2013 for a home to move our newborn baby into and raise our kids in a safe and welcoming community. In 2014 we found our 1st home in Fair Oaks and 6 years later, we are in our 2nd home in Fair Oaks. In the time we have lived here, we have grown to understand that ours is a community dedicated to keeping the look and feel just how it is and has been for years… Perfect!

For the past 12 years, I have worked for a Fortune 500 medical device company.  Throughout my career in sales, I have navigated corporate America and the individual personalities of my clients as I sought to provide a solution that best fit their individual needs. I routinely deal with many different types of personalities and I am confident that my interpersonal and communication skills will serve our community in internal board interactions as well as while engaging with the community. I will commit the time and energy necessary to assist the board in implementing the FORHA mission of stewardship, preservation, and communication on behalf of its members.

I am running for the FORHA board because my family and I are committed to this neighborhood and our community. We intend to stay here for many years and cannot imagine living anywhere else. I am convinced that my personal experience, background, and education will be an asset to the board as they perform their duties to ensure our members are provided the services they need in line with the FORHA mission.

David Fairhurst

We moved to Fair Oaks Ranch with our two young daughters in 1996. We fell in love with this place like everyone else. We are both engineers and happy to report our eldest is an engineering graduate of Texas A&M while our youngest is a recent graduate of UTSA and a new addition to the teaching staff of Boerne Middle School North as a Special Education Teacher. I attribute their success to their upbringing here. They still house/pet sit for some of you!

My fondest moments here include 4 years serving for FORHA. I was delighted when asked in my first meeting as a board member if I would take on responsibility for the parks. I organized many community volunteer Saturday work mornings to maintain and upgrade them. I really enjoyed meeting new neighbors. When we were installing the new playground set at Boots Gaubatz park, a neighbor came out and offered to help. We were pouring cement; I have never seen someone work harder! Similar cases occurred many times.

I continue to serve as restrictions chair for Unit B3. I enjoy working with both new and current neighbors to resolve issues.  I am running for a FORHA board seat to try and bring us back to neighborly discourse and resolve our differences toward a positive end. I always listen to the issues and act objectively.  I have served on many professional boards locally and in other cities. I have a lengthy career in oil and gas with a worldwide leading corporation and currently in South Texas in the natural gas industry. My Electrical Engineering degree is from the University of Minnesota and my MBA is from Pittsburgh, yet my heart is here. This is my community, and I am committed to it.

James Branaum

My name is Jim Branaum.  My wife, Elizabeth, and I built our home in Fair Oaks Ranch in 1991 and moved in on December 7 of that year.  What a super place to live it has been!  Before going to college, I spent 4 years active duty with the United States Marine Corps.  My Bachelor’s degree is in Political Science and my Master’s degree is in Computer and Information Systems, both at Trinity University.

I spent several years in the real estate industry and then moved into computers about the time the personal systems usage began exploding in the early 1980’s.  I ran my own business for several years and then turned it over to my partner and went to work on supercomputer systems at a NASA facility.  I retired from a software design company.

My kids were in Boerne Champion Air Force Junior ROTC for 7 years and I was very active in the unit Booster Club.  For 6 of those 7 years, I was either vice president or president during our efforts to improve things for the unit and make a difference for all the kids in that program.  I want to use the same skills and drive to help the community recover from the clashes of the last few years and move forward with clear and open communications.  Fair Oaks Ranch is a great place to live, so let us work together to make a real difference here for all members of FORHA.

Teal Harris

Teal is seeking to be elected to the FORHA Board of Directors for her first term.  She is a native Texan who grew up in Corpus Christi and spent her summers in the Hill Country.

Teal and her family moved to Fair Oaks Ranch in 2012.  She lives off Rocking Horse Lane with her husband, 2 boys, 2 dogs, a cat, and a horse. Last September her elderly mother also moved to Fair Oaks Ranch to live with them.  Teal is very passionate about the uniqueness of our city and our parks and trails.  She enjoys riding on the FORHA trail system and meeting many new people along the way.

Before moving back to Texas, she served on her HOA board in Springdale, AR.  She also served on her HOA while living on Timber Top (Country Club Estates in Fair Oaks).  While on previous HOA boards, Teal enjoyed working on ways to bring the neighbors together through block parties and holiday events.

Teal attended Texas Tech and Sam Houston State Universities where she was on the Rodeo Team.  She received an Associate’s degree at South East Texas Technical school in Corpus Christi.  Teal worked as a Corporate Travel Consultant from1988 to 2011, specializing in corporate International Travel, working with Dell Computer, University of Arkansas, and other corporations.  During that time, she also taught a Travel Career Development course at Austin Community College, gave riding lessons and trained horses.

After moving to Fair Oaks Ranch, Teal became involved in the Wildlife Education Committee, working on education events, deer surveys, hog population and signage regarding the different deer seasons.  She also volunteers with Open T.R.A.I.L. Ranch Therapeutic Riding and on our FORHA parks and trails.