2021 Fair Oaks Ranch Homeowners' Association Annual Meeting of the Members - Candidate Information & Forms

The 2021 FORHA Annual Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, November 18, 2021  at 7:00 p.m.   Due to the continued need to maintain social distancing and for the protection of our members, FORHA will be conducting this meeting both virtually via Zoom and in person at the FORHA Office. Seating will be limited at the FORHA Office and will be available on a first come first serve basis.  At this meeting, we will be electing  three board members for the three expiring terms of current board members.   The  2021 Annual Meeting Notice will be sent to the members prior to the meeting and the information needed to join the meeting virtually can be found on the Agenda (click here for information).

If you scroll down,  you will find a bio for each of the four candidates running for the Board.  The candidates are as follows:        

David Fairhurst            Dee Anna Manitzas         

Sara Federico                Westin Mokry

If you did not receive your ballot, or misplaced it, please click below for a printable Absentee Ballot, vote electronically or contact the FORHA office.

For a printable 2021 Absentee Ballot click here


If you need a proxy for the meeting, please click the link below for a printable proxy.   

Proxy Form

2021 FORHA Board of Directors Candidates

David Fairhurst

I am a 25-year resident and member of FORHA. I have over 4 years experience serving on the FORHA board (2008 - 2013). I have two years of service on the MDD board. I currently serve as Unit B3 Restrictions Chair since 2006. In these capacities I seek to find reasonable resolutions to all issues that arise. I always ask for in person discussions with neighbors and encourage them to reach out to their neighbors during projects. I have met a large percentage of my neighbors and have many friends throughout Fair Oaks Ranch. I would like to represent them once again as a board member.

If elected, I will advocate for regular written communications from the board to membership with feedback provided. I propose that we follow Texas Open Meetings Act guidelines. I will act to be fiscally responsible to the membership and be mindful of our neighbors on fixed incomes. I believe proposed policies should be provided to membership for their input prior to being voted on and finalized.

Dianna and I have been in Fair Oaks Ranch South since 1996 and like all of our neighbors we treasure our beautiful city. There is always a push for needed improvements but also a need to keep neighborhoods quiet and peaceful. We definitely coexist with a lot of wildlife! We raised our children here and they remain part of our community serving in several ways.

I have served on many professional boards locally and in other cities. I have a lengthy career in oil and gas with a worldwide leading corporation and currently in South Texas in the natural gas industry. My Electrical Engineering degree is from the University of Minnesota and my MBA is from Pittsburgh, yet my heart is here. I am committed to my community.


Sara Federico

My family and I have lived in Fair Oaks Ranch for over 11 years. We continue to be amazed by the natural surroundings of this community and the wildlife. My boys have always loved exploring the trails and fishing near the dam. They are now away to college, but always eager to return home to the ranch. We feel fortunate to live within walking distance of Boots Gaubatz Park and the beautifully preserved nature trail.

Since joining the board in 2019, I have continued my career in the “business” of health and wellness. As a registered dietitian, I currently work as a Transplant Dietitian for Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital. During COVID 2020, I was furloughed and felt fortunate to be able to spend my time at the parks and along the trails. As a registered dietitian, I educate, redirect, and encourage people to make the best choices possible for optimal health. I believe in an environment where outside activity and accessibility is essential for one’s health across all age groups. Over the course of this pandemic that belief has been strengthened.

I am passionate about giving back to this community and finding ways to work together with the residents. I believe safety is important as well as protecting the natural beauty and charm living on a ranch offers. The experience I have had thus far as a director has been rewarding as well as educational. I would be grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve as a shaping member on the FORHA Board and continue to advocate for the members of FORHA as well as one of our community’s greatest assets – our parks and trails.

Sara holds a Master of Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Louisiana State University. She is a credentialed registered dietitian, member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the National Parks and Recreation Association.

Dee Anna Manitzas

My educational background, my experience managing communications for my neighborhood HOA, my enthusiasm for getting things done in an effective manner, and my demonstrated accomplishments as a volunteer have all prepared me to function effectively in the role as a director on the FORHA board.

After a 40-year career in public education, I became involved in volunteer activities on The Ranch by attending City Council and FORHA meetings and serving on various FORHA programs and events including the Adopt-A- Highway program, Communications committee, Peace Tree planning event, Volunteer Appreciation event and the visit with Santa event.

For the past six years, I have been the Deer Meadow Estates communications director. My responsibilities: writing monthly newsletters, maintaining the residents’ directory, and participating in projects: National Night Out, Christmas tree decorating of our islands on Keeneland, neighborhood cook outs.

On the city level, I have served as a member of the Wildlife Education Committee and as First Lady of Fair Oaks Ranch, I spearheaded the fund raising for purchasing the first City Christmas Tree. This effort, with the collaboration of friends, elves, City staff, and donations made by private donors established a tradition of decorating City Hall and having a City Christmas Tree in Fair Oaks Ranch.

My husband, Garry, and I chose The Ranch to build our retirement home in 2008. Garry and I have two children, five grandkids and pets.

I have a BA in Teaching from Sam Houston State University and a MA in Human Resources from Webster University.

Again, I would like to share my community, educational, personal experiences and my energy and passion for getting things done to bring community members together for a common purpose. Please vote for me to be a director on the FORHA Board. Thank you,


Weston Mokry

I’m seeking the opportunity to serve on the FORHA board. Fair Oaks Ranch, affectionately referred to as “the Ranch”, has been my home for over 5 years. Me, my wife, Paula, and our three kids have sunk our roots down in this community and pray the Lord will let us grow old and retire here. As a result, I want to get more involved in the direction of our neighborhood and contribute to the vision of the Ranch.

My goal is to represent FORHA members with a balanced approach to maintaining our quality of life and all the amenities that attracted us to Fair Oaks Ranch with an overarching principle of fiscal responsibility. Transparency and open debate are the pillar of representational government. I will not hide behind procedural process and closed doors. If someone has a genuine concern or an important contribution to an issue, I want them to be heard. I want the board to fully understand the decisions we make and their effect on our members. We may differ on opinions, but we all just want what is best for our city.

I’m a native of San Antonio and attended Texas Lutheran University in Seguin to pursue my degree in Accounting. My professional career started as an auditor with KPMG in San Antonio working on financial statement audits for publicly traded companies, private banks, and retirement plans. I moved on to various oil and gas midstream companies such as Energy Transfer and Tesoro. I’m currently the Vice President of Accounting and Controller at EPIC Midstream Holdings in San Antonio which operates two large crude and natural gas liquid pipelines, crude oil storage terminals and fractionation facilities in Texas. I am a Texas licensed Certified Public Accountant and I sit on the board of Lemon Creek Public Improvement District. Please consider me to join your FORHA board of directors.