FORHA Members can register for an account to access additional features through our website or pay dues online!   PLEASE NOTE:  If you were registered on our old website (prior to August 2018), then you will need to register again and create a new username and password.  Your username and password for our old website will not work.  

If you have already registered for an account with this website, please click here to login.  


If you need to create an account, see the instructions on how to register below. 

What you will need to register your account:

To register, you will need the community code and your account number found on the bill for your 2019 Annual Dues.  If you cannot locate this information, please click on "request code" below to have the FORHA office email you this information.





How to Register Your Account

Step 1: Once you have your community code and account number, click on the button below to open the "myHOA" registration window.




Step 2:  Click on the image above the word "Homeowners"

Step 3:  Enter your name, email, and create a username and password.  Click on "Next" when you are finished.


Step 4:  Enter the community code into the appropriate field and then click "Verify".  A box should then pop up saying "This Community Code is valid.  You may now proceed with registering."

If you enter your community code and do not receive this pop-up, then please double check that you have entered the correct code.  If you are still having trouble with your code, please contact the FORHA office by clicking here.

Step 5:  Enter in the remaining information.  Note: you must enter your account number if you would like to pay your dues online.  Click on "Next" when you are finished.

Step 6:  Add a profile photo if you would like.  Only other members of the Fair Oaks Ranch Homeowners' Association will your photo and information.  If you do not want to upload a photo, simply click on "Skip".

Step 7:  Your account set up is now complete!  You will receive a confirmation email.




If you have already registered, you may login by clicking the button below.




If you have correctly input your community code and account number and you are still having trouble logging in,

please click the button below for our support center.