Upcoming Activities to Enjoy at the Parks and Trails


October 10th is National Walk to the Park Day !!!

Public parks and green spaces are a community’s backyard. They offer nearby residents a place to play, connect, and reap the benefits of the outdoors.  Yet, 100 million people, including 28 million kids, do not have access to a quality park within a 10-minute walk from home.  We are fortunate, as FORHA members, to have 3 beautiful parks to enjoy, so on this national day get out and walk to your nearest FORHA park.  Invite family, friends, and neighbors to join you.


October 22nd is National Make A Dog's Day !

If your favorite canine companion could talk, they might tell you going for an extra-long walk would make their day.  With several beautiful FORHA trails to choose from, you and your fur baby can get out for some fun and exercise.


November 6th  is National Play Outside Day!!!  

National Play Outside Day is a reminder to stretch our legs and expend some energy in the great outdoors. Besides getting us off the sofa or away from the desk, it also gives us an opportunity to explore our neighborhoods.   Check out a FORHA park and climb, slide or swing at the playground.   Start a game or catch, kickball, tag or frisbee.

November 17th is National Take a Hike Day!!!

National Take a Hike Day encourages us to get out there and hit the trails. With several beautiful FORHA trails in our community there is no lack of opportunity to hike.  So invite a friend, a neighbor, or your family and take a nice hike.



We would love to see your photos and share on FORHA's website and social media pages!  Email your photos to parksandtrail@forha.org.