FORHA members can reserve the parks for events and activities.  All FORHA members and their guests must abide by the park rules below.  You may request to reserve a park by submitting our online form found here.



Parks & Trails Rules

  1. Parks and Trails are available during daylight hours only. Use of the parks, trails, and equipment is limited to Fair Oaks Ranch Homeowners’ Association (FORHA) members and their guests.
  2. Groups of 20 or more persons must request a permit from the FORHA office. Organized sports or events must furnish to FORHA a certificate of insurance with the request.
  3. Use of the pavilion is on a first come, first serve basis unless a permit is issued from the FORHA office.
  4. Use of the trails is limited to horseback riding, walking, jogging and bike riding.
  5. All water ways are subject to flash floods. Swimming is discouraged and at your own risk.
  6. Neither FORHA nor its membership is responsible for injuries or damages arising out of use of the FORHA common property.
  7. Do not approach, feed or disturb the wildlife.
  8. No motor driven vehicles, including golf carts, are permitted on the park or trail grounds. Vehicles should only park in designated areas.
  9. Use of our common property is limited to daylight hours only, except as authorized by a FORHA permit.
  10. Camping is not permitted. Fires are permitted only in the barbecue pits provided. Fires must not be left unattended and must be extinguished before leaving.
  11. No dumping of brush or trash is allowed on the park or trail grounds. All trash should be taken with you or placed in trash containers.
  12. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on FORHA park or trail grounds.
  13. Boisterous, rough, dangerous behavior or activity is not permitted. Hunting, target shooting and discharge of any firearm, including air gun, BB gun, paintball gun, bow and arrow, or similar device is not permitted.
  14. Pets are to be on leashes. Horses are not allowed on the granite walking paths or footbridges in the park.
  15. Neighboring properties should be respected and not trespassed upon.
  16. Park and trail users, who are members of FORHA, are responsible for their conduct and that of their children, guests and animals. Members will be held responsible for violations of these rules, including any damage or clean-up costs caused by them or their children, guests or pets.
  17. FORHA parks and trails are not to be used for any purpose that is directly, or indirectly, connected to any business or other entity intended for profit.